Seasonal Allergy Therapy

Seasonal Allergy Therapy


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It is important to start medications for allergies as soon as symptoms appear. If you know what time of year your symptoms are typically the worst, medication can be started a week or two before to prevent symptoms from becoming severe.

Kenalog, an injectable corticosteroid, is a medication that reduces inflammation in the body, including inflammation in the nasal passages and sinuses related to allergies. Many people swear by these long-acting steroid shots as a great way to get through their allergy season symptom-free.

In conjunction with Kenalog, we inject B12 (cyanocobalamin) to help combat the fatigue that is frequently associated with seasonal allergy symptoms. Research suggests that allergic reactions cause feelings of depression and fatigue by releasing cytokines. These cytokines are chemicals that cause inflammation in an attempt to protect the body from the allergen, but react with other brain chemicals to cause abnormal feelings. We can help to combat these unpleasant symptoms with one simple injection.

The effects of the injection wear off after approximately three months, at which time the injection is re-administered.

Kenalog is meant to treat environmental allergies, and will not be effective against food allergies. Kenalog injections have been found to be highly effective and often work when other treatments have not. Give it a try today! Don’t let seasonal allergies get you down. $60 per treatment