Dr. Martin B. Kass, MD

Dr. Martin B. Kass, MD


Patients who work with medical teams that want to help them completely change their life often find the experience very moving and motivating. This is certainly true for the patients who get a chance to work with the team at Worldwide Integrative Healthcare.

Dr. Kass has been the supervising Medical Director of Worldwide Integrative Healthcare since 2012, he brings his knowledge and Board Certification in Anesthesiology and Physical Medicine to Worldwide Integrative Healthcare.

He joined the group to add his expertise to the clinic, but he brings far more than just medical knowledge to the practice. A passion for healthier, happier living pushes this driven doctor to do his best on a daily basis, and he wants his patients to commit to doing their best as well.

He offers his patients over 35 years of experience in treating their conditions. His favorite aspect of practice is seeing the improvements that physical medicine combined with medical pain management can make in his patients.