Chiropractic – Back Pain


Back pain is the second most common reason for someone to visit their doctor.  Some experts say that as much as 85% of all Americans will suffer from some form of back problem in their lives at some point or another.  As such, we explore some of the causes and treatments for back pain to help one become more aware of this common issue.

Back pains can cause various types of pain, from dull aches to sharp, shooting pains.  They can come with burning sensations, numbness, or tingling.  They can also cause you to feel pain, weakness, or tingling feelings in your upper legs and pelvic area, caused by a condition commonly known as sciatica.  While the back can typically recuperate from minor damage within a couple days, some injuries are not so easily recovered from.  Some can last month, years, or even sometimes never fully heal, requiring the individual to find ways to cope with the injury.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain:

Ideally, altogether avoiding any type of back injury would be the best.  However, whether you already have back pain or want to keep from having them in the first place, here are a few tips.

– Maintain a healthy weight. Excess body weight places a huge amount of strain on the back.

– Stay active as your health allows you to. Inactivity leads to weakness of the muscles that support the back, leaving it more susceptible to injury.

– Warm up your muscles and lightly stretch them prior to exercising or performing physical activities such as golf, gardening, etc. Failing to warm up muscles prior to jumping into physically demanding activities can make your muscles prone to injuries such as strains, pulls, and even tears.  These injuries can in turn cause spinal damage.

– Maintain proper posture. Poor posture can put even strain on the back and increase your changes of injuries to the back as a result.

– Avoid regular use of high-heels. This too can place an awkward strain on the back and leave it more vulnerable to injury.  Shoe wear should be comfortable and provide support for the natural arch of the feet.

– When lifting, always keep the objects close to the body (as much as you are able to) and always lift with the knees, not the back. Also, do not twist while lifting the object.

– Stop smoking. Smoking obstructs blood flow, depriving the spinal tissues of nutrients and oxygen necessary to maintain good structural integrity in the spine.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain:

Chiropractic treatment is an excellent resource to relieve back pain.  These professionals have an extensive knowledge of both the structures and functions of the human body.  They are trained to create a customized program that typically includes things such as spinal adjustments, diet advice, lifestyle tips, and a variety of equipment at their disposal to both treat the issues as well as monitor the progress during treatment.

If you have issues that you feel may benefit from chiropractic treatment, reach out to a chiropractor near you and see what they have to offer you.