Male Hormone Replacement Therapy


You have probably been hearing more and more about Hormone Replacement for Menrecently and there’s a reason for that! Men have realized the amazing results that hormone replacement has to offer. Doctors have been practicing hormone replacement for women for many years. However, for some reason, male replacement has been considered taboo and men have been discouraged from seeking treatment. Well not anymore!

It is necessary for men to keep their hormone levels healthy because hormones control everything in your body. Men are finally able to optimize their hormone levels using Hormone Replacement Therapy.

So what is Hormone Replacement?

Hormone Replacement Therapy or Treatment is modern preventive medicine. Hormone Replacement therapy is a process in which prescribed hormones are taken, in place of the hormones your body no longer produces, due to the fact that you are getting older. You first take a test to see where your hormone levels are right now. Your current level is compared to what are considered optimal, healthy levels, or basically where your hormone levels should be to be your healthiest.

A practitioner on our team can then prescribe the proper medications in the correct dosages to get your levels back up to optimal. This means your levels will be up near where they were when you were younger, and you felt great, and looked as good as you felt!

What can I expect?

People who start Hormone Replacement Therapy generally see major improvements. Everyone is different and everyone needs a custom therapy program put together by our Physicians, but some of the results an overwhelmingly large amount of our clients see are:

  • Better Libido (sex drive)
  • Increased Energy
  • Increase in Lean Muscle
  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Increased Collagen Production (thickening and tightening of the skin)
  • Improved Mood & Memory


What’s Next?

Take the next step, you have nothing to lose. There is a REASON why you’re having these symptoms, so let’s fix it! First things first, let’s figure out exactly WHY you’re feeling the way you are. Schedule a free evaluation today!

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